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T.O.P’s ‘Commitment’ promotions in Japan attracts 100,000 fans!

BIGBANG’s T.O.P successfully wrapped up the Premium Event held in Japan in celebration of the film ‘Commitment’ being released in the country.

At the Premium Event of ‘Commitment release’ held in Japan’s Pacific Yokohama on Nov 20, T.O.P took part in a solo event in Japan, joined by 100,000 local participants.

On the day, T.O.P participated in many events like reading out his hand-written letter to the fans, and a special talk session where he told the fans the details of behind-the-scenes of the film that had many action scenes. This was the first event to be held since the release of ‘Commitment’.

In his letter that he read out, he wrote, “The film ‘Commitment’ is where I appear before you as an actor, not a musician, for the first time in 3 years,” and added, “I hope the character Lee Myung Hoon can be conveyed to you all. Your cheering is a big source of power for me. I appreciate your continuous support.”

‘Commitment’ starring T.O.P draws on a story of the 19-year-old main character Lee Myung Hoon who accepts an offer to become a killer in South Korea to save his only family, his sister. This is his first movie in 3 years.

Choi Seung Hyun showed his deep enthusiasm for the event by suggesting the dress code of the event should be ‘black’. He told the fans, “I missed you” in Japanese, making them hyper excited. He also showed some photographs of his house to the fans. 

On Dec 6 the film will be unveiled in the United States, and it will be released in Japan on January 25 next year. He told the fans, “It is really fulfilling that the film is being released in many different countries.”

T.O.P is praised for his expression of powerful emotions of a 19-year-old boy whose fate does not unravel the way he imagined it would.

‘Commitment’ has already proven its immense popularity by attracting a sensational 1 million moviegoers in just 15 days after its release, and the number is continuously increasing while competing with other huge Hollywood films.

Source: Star News

Translated by: YG LIFE

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